We have so many reasons why we believe that the bridal market needs more options for modern brides. Not every woman dreams of wearing a dress. Some women are pants lovers, some women are looking to say something different, and some women who's "Been there, done that." Brides should have more options to wear what best represent them and their personalities. We love to dress brides who love to look glamours for her special day.

We strive to make the life of a modern bride easy by designing timeless bridal pieces that can take her beyond her wedding day. We take pride in each of our handcrafted designs, and quality/fit plays an important role when it comes to designing a style. We think about our bride's body and introduce her to new ways she can accentuate it. We handpick fabrics and embellishments to help provide the best unique touch for each bride.
                                          Our mission is bringing more bridal options to the market for our modern brides.




Hi, my name is Daniela Tabois(TAH-BWAH) and welcome to my online bridal shop of handcrafted luxury bridal Jumpsuits and sequin pieces. As you can see, I'm all about the glamour life. Each piece is handcrafted with great attention to detail. I believe in creating investment pieces that are made of high quality to last years to come. 

I'm a Brooklyn based Fashion Designer, and my interest in fashion started at the age of fifteen, sketching garments in my notebook. After graduating from Wood Tobe Coburn School for Fashion Design, I started my design career by working for several Fashion houses. You are welcome to visit my Linkedin account for more details. In my spare time, I manage to teach my craft to my audience of 250,000+ subscribers on YouTube